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Stacy Lee Church, owner Chroma Design

Born in San Antonio, TX, raised in Tampa, FL

Earliest remembered career aspiration: When I was around 5, I announced to my mother that I was going to be “a colorer” when I grew up

First career disappointment: When my mother told me there was no such job as “colorer”

First art award: When I was 12, I won a children’s drawing contest held by The Tampa Tribune.  My drawing of a tree growing at the edge of a pond was published in the paper

Inspiration for becoming a furniture painter: I realized that my house was filled with inherited furniture that I didn’t like, and it occurred to me that color could change everything

Inspiration for becoming a furniture refurbisher/repairer: I realized that I could see the potential in pieces of furniture other people had given up on

Number of years to reach current proficiency as furniture painter: 61/2

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